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Protect Plus M400 is a modular on-line (VFI-SS-111) UPS system with a high operating AC/AC efficiency and compact footprint. The Protect Plus M400 UPS system is designed to protect critical data and IT infrastructures with the ultimate on-line power protection. The Protect Plus M400 is based on a 2U high 10kVA/kW power module that can be housed in one of two frame sizes (20 kVA or 40 kVA) providing up to 40 kVA maximum capacity or 30 kVA N+1 configurations. Up to 4 frames can be operated in parallel for additional resilience or capacity. The operating efficiency in on-line mode is up to 95% and 98% in Eco Mode. The UPS delivers up to unity-power factor and the system can be configured for 1/1, 3/1 or 3/3 input/output connections at installation. The standard Frame Plus provides space for a 20 kVA or 40 kVA frame and internal battery shelves. Longer runtimes can be achieved using external battery cabinets.




More Information:

PROTECT PLUS M400 Datasheet.

Single Phase UPS
Three Pase UPS
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