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  • Engineered for low environmental impact

  • High Efficiency: 92%

  • Energy saving mode: typically 8W in sleep mode

  • Wide operating temperature: -25°C to 70°C (up to 55°C no derating)

  • High reliability

  • Wide input range from: 90 - 300V AC

Auto set-up from system controller



In a highly competitive business environment and with concerns on global warming, telecom OEMs and Service Providers are looking ever closer at their operating costs. To help them to remain competitive, we deliver cost-effective, high efficiency. We’ve added the ability to operate at high temperature, without de-rating, to reduce or eliminate the need for expensive air conditioning with its heavy CO2 burden and high OPEX. Finally, our all-digital DSP architecture achieves very high levels of circuit integration to get the very best in reliability. The result? - less need for service calls and maintenance trips, reducing CO2 throughout the product’s life time and lowering OPEX even further.

Wireless, fibre and fixed line Telecommunication systems today demand more than just raw DC power. What they need is compact, reliable and cost effective power systems, low on CAPEX which deliver low OPEX. SMi2000HD delivers this and more. With world class power density, excellent reliability, near flat efficiency curve, and its sleep mode for power management during periods of low traffic, the SMi2000HD is the perfect rectifier for your telecommunications network.

Broadband and Network Access With the seemingly inexorable rise in network bandwidth requirements, network providers need expandable and flexible DC powering solutions. Our new generation of systems, of which the SMi2000HD rectifier is part, provide the building blocks for all your needs.

Never mind the size Thanks to high power density and intelligent, digital system architecture, SMi2000HD rectifiers can be cost-effectively integrated in system solutions from 2kW to 240kW.


SMI2000HD Specification



SMI2000HD Datasheets

Single Phase UPS
Three Pase UPS
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