» Modular design, simple to install and operate » Front/top access for ease of installation and maintenance » Compact, core power module contains ‘essential’ functions - controller, LVDs, shunt, 4 x rectifier slots » Scalable design, factory configured for popular 150A applications » Up to three low voltage disconnects (LVDs) configurable for batteries and/or load » Constant power rectifiers to reduce battery recharge time » Optional hinged doors, blank panels or panels with cutouts for the breakers » Additional flexible distribution modules (FDM) provide any mix of AC, DC distribution and protection » System configuration held in non-volatile memory within the core module allowing true plug and play of the ACMi1000HD controller » Remote monitoring options via modem or LAN (TCP/IP gateway, SNMP, email, Web,...) » Comprehensive system control functions » Comprehensive Battery management » Energy saving functionality with ECOpx


The MPi80HD is a flexible, compact design aimed at the small to medium power applications.Flexibility is achieved using the standard core module and rectifier shelves together with flexible AC and DC distribution modules which allow easy and quick configuration of the DC power system. This combined with optional battery shelves can quickly make cost effective solutions for almost any application envisaged. Alternatively the system can be enclosed into a 19” rack solution with battery shelves to make the ultimate design in DC power systems.


Wireless and Fixed Line communications Broadband and Network Access » Medium and Large power systems » Wireless base stations » Core networks » Telecommunications and data networks

MPI80HD Specification

Single Phase UPS
Three Pase UPS
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